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Your Privacy

We started this blog out of our love of Disney media and a desire to have a way of sharing that enthusiasm with other people who are interested in the same stuff we are.  We want to be as transparent as possible so that everyone who visits feels comfortable knowing what info we see of yours on the back end.

We collect limited personal information about who you are and where you are, as well as technical data about how you are accessing this site. Although the info we collect at Add More Mouse is extremely limited, the same cannot be said if you click any of the links in our articles; any websites you visit via this one have their own privacy policies, data collection methods and tracking abilities, and we have nothing to do with any of that.  

If at any time we change any of the info stated above, we will update this Privacy Policy to reflect those changes.  If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to email us at Please email us – we want to know if you’re out there reading this!


Marketing Disclosure 

One of the things we like to do is make lists of interesting Disneyana we find online.  We certainly do not own all the things we highlight on this website – if we do own an item on one of our lists we’ll be sure to include that info in the post.  As of the writing of this disclosure page, we have not received any free or discounted items to feature on our blog – if that ever does happen, we will be sure to include that info in our review of said items.  We promise to never let a free or discounted item (including books and movies) sway our opinion about the item itself.


Affiliate Marketing

We will at times utilize affiliate marketing links – this means if you click one of our links and buy an item from that website, the purchase is tracked back to Add More Mouse and we may receive a small percentage of that sale (at absolutely no additional cost to you).

We want to state once more – we often do not own all the items on the lists we make of Disney items out there in the world.  Mostly we highlight a mix of items we do own with items we think would bring some genuine Disney Magic to your lives.  We get no incentives to feature anything – if we see stuff in stores or online that wish we had ourselves, we’ll feature it in case one of our readers might dig it, too.

We are currently part of affiliate programs with the following companies:  Target, Walmart, eBay and Amazon. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases