Evolution of Mickey in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

One of my Thanksgiving traditions is not terribly original: every year since I was a kid I get up early to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade from beginning to end. It’s one of those things that helps to ring in the Christmas season and nothing is more autumnal than seeing thousands of people on TV layered up in the frigid cold trying to convince themselves it was totally worth the wait.

But if I’m being candid, I’m a little baffled about why I continue this tradition; is it the young, anonymous pop stars the record companies try to force on us?  Is it watching Broadway companies lip-sync their way through musical numbers? Is it because I’m a maniac who enjoys seeing things like this horrific live action Shrek singing a Smash Mouth song?  The answer to all these questions is: probably.

If you are not yet familiar with Disney Dan’s YouTube Channel, be warned: there are rabbit holes a-plenty there.  I regularly go there to watch one video and suddenly I’ve plowed through 15 in a row with no real idea of how much time has passed.

Dan’s channel regularly cranks out some truly great Disney history videos, full of archival footage from the parks and elsewhere and his hard work (available for free!) is evidence that the internet can actually be used for good sometimes.

In keeping with our Thanksgiving theme here on Add More Mouse, please enjoy this amazing video by Disney Dan detailing the Evolution of Mickey Mouse Balloons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade..  From the early pointy-snout days of the 1930’s to the more modern, round-featured version we know and love today, Dan has footage of them all and it’s well worth your time.

If you have a chance check out the Disney Dan Patreon page and consider supporting him so he can continue making these great videos.

See ya real soon!


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Disney-fy Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving is a time to slow down,  spend time with loved ones and be thankful for the good things we have in life, both big and small. Here at Add More Mouse it’s also an opportunity to incorporate as many Disney and Mickey related items into the festivities to help manage the stress that comes with the Holidays. If you’re on the “food prep team” in your house you can add a whole bunch of Disney-themed kitchen items to your work station this year to help you along the way.

First  is this amazing Disney Themed Slow Cooker. This 5 quart cooker also comes with a Mickey-branded dipper for appetizers and desserts, both having glass lids and removable stoneware interiors to help with cleaning.  Let Mickey bring a smile to your face as you sweat it out in the kitchen while your extended family watches football in the next room.

While we’re talking kitchen, let’s talk about these great Decorative Disney Thanksgiving Kitchen Towels. These are such festive colors and have fun Disney images. Let Mickey and his pals help keep the kitchen tidy and help dry the piles of pots and pans you’ll have to wash by hand this Thanksgiving.

We know what you’re thinking: “These items are great for the kitchen, but how to force some Disney magic onto my loved ones this Thanksgiving?”  Fear not, the items below will all deliver more Mouse to your tabletop and throughout your Holiday.

There have been so many Disney-themed salt and pepper shakers on the market over the years that collecting them can be a whole hobby unto itself.  However, an exhaustive search turns up only a few sets of Thanksgiving-specific sets, with only one currently available at the time of this post. Check out these Disney Mickey and Minnie Thanksgiving Salt and Pepper Shakers. Here at Add More Mouse we actually have one of these sets and can verify, they work!

We think this next item is super fun: Tsum Tsum Thanksgiving Collection- Disney Planner Stickers. Although advertised as stickers to be used in a planner, you can use these stickers to enhance any and all items that need some Disney-ing.  You can get a great selection of stickers for just a few dollars or nab the whole set for less than $20. Perfect for decorating all your non Mickey items to add even more mouse to your Holiday.

Last but not least, we’re featuring images and links to a time honored collectible from the Disney Parks; pins!  And not just any pins, THANKSGIVING PINS.


There is a great site, Pin Pics ,that has compiled a expansive list of Disney Thanksgiving Pins in production over the past 25 plus years. They provide info regarding production volume, current interest and can link you to potential sellers. There have been some really special pins made over the years, a few of our favorites we’ve featured above.  If you’re a  Disney pin enthusiast there is a vast selection of pins floating around on the internet AS I TYPE THIS. Happy hunting! 

And so we’ve come to the conclusion not only our first Thanksgiving post on Add More Mouse but also our first post ever!  We hope you’ll keep coming back to check out our regular blog posts and podcast (also called Add More Mouse) for ongoing ways to infuse your daily life with Disney magic.  See ya real soon!!



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