Whether you are a longtime Disney fanatic or someone who recently visited a Disney park for the first time,  you know well that feeling of “Disney Magic”: that sense of wonder you felt as a kid when watching musical scenes in the classic films or walking down Main Street and setting sights on Cinderella’s Castle for the first time at Disney World. If you’ve been lucky enough to visit a Disney park for a vacation, you also know well that crushing feeling of taking the long ride back to the airport for your return trip home…not that we don’t love our homes, but come on – no one likes the feeling of a Disney trip coming to an end.

Having experienced that feeling quite a few times, we eventually decided that we needed to bring as much Disney into our home as possible between our trips.

Add More Mouse is our blog and podcast dedicated to helping fellow Disney-obsessives bring that magic to our everyday lives. It doesn’t matter if you visit the parks year-round or only get a chance to go once in your life.  Perhaps you simply love the movies, music and books and want some creative ideas to further Disneyfy your life (or fall down some Disney rabbit holes)– it’s our mission to help you wish upon stars and look for the bare necessities 365 days a year!

About Dave and Kim

Dave and Kim Rich live in Akron, Ohio with their 2 children, 2 dogs and 3 cats. They have both worked in the nonprofit sector for over a decade. During a trip to Walt Disney World for their honeymoon they fell in love with many of the ideas presented there – optimism for the future, celebrating communal experiences, valuing imagination and creativity and embracing the childlike wonder that we so often lose while in “work mode” or “parent mode.”

Lastly, we want the blog and podcast to be inclusive. Trips to Disney parks can be financially out of reach for many families. We know those of us who are able to go on a regular basis are very lucky indeed.  Enjoying Disney magic does not need to be restricted to certain classes – we hope anyone can find ideas here they can use in their daily lives to have a more positive and magical outlook on life.


We are not employees of any Disney-affiliated entity (though hey, Disney, if you’re listening, we’d love to be!) and the opinions we express here are entirely our own.  We pay full price for our Disney-related stuff and the only financial support we receive through this blog comes if you click the links in our posts (please click the links in our posts!).

That said, we don’t intend to skew negative in our content, as there are plenty of other places online for that (and sometimes it’s totally warranted).  We intend to focus on the experiences associated with Disney media and associated endeavors, not stock performance and business issues.  Rest assured, we won’t ever sugar coat a bad product or experience, we just won’t go out of our way to focus on them.