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When I first visited the parks as an adult in 2011, I was struck by how integral music is to the experience of a Disney park. Every single park (and every individual area within) uses music to enhance the things you see, eat, smell and experience. Two great examples are Harambe Market at Animal Kingdom and The World Showcase at Epcot.

Walking through Harambe would be a completely different experience without the percussive sounds of drum circles. In The World Showcase in Epcot, Disney uses expert sound design as you walk through each pavilion. From Mexico to Norway, China to Germany, the music flows seamlessly in a way that doesn’t seem to be noticeable. That is until you suddenly realize the landscape and architecture have changed and you find yourself in a completely different part of the world.

That first adult trip to Disney World sealed the deal for me. I came home obsessed with learning as much as I could about why and how these parks came to be. As I’ve stated before, a yearly visit to a Disney park is out of reach for my family currently. The long stretches between visits have found me searching for any way to get some tiny amount of those park vibes. Even when I’m stuck in my work cube in the middle of a Northeast Ohio winter.

Though I would argue the internet as a whole straddles a line between “total garbage heap” and “mankind’s greatest invention,” there’s no denying how great it is for Disney enthusiasts in 2019. Thanks to other people out there equally obsessed with the music of Disney parks and lands, many of those soundtracks are available via YouTube. On any given day you will often find me in my work cube first thing in the morning, working on my first cup of coffee and listening to this:

Yes, it is the entrance music for The Magic Kingdom. Thanks to YouTube user Tony R for uploading and annotating the tunes contained within. Much like a prelude in an old musical film that would preview the themes of the songs you will eventually hear as the story progresses, this entrance loop gives you pieces of tunes from classic films, themes of legacy attractions (Pirates of the Caribbean, Carousel of Progress) and other media from the Disney archive (Davy Crockett, The Mickey Mouse Club). In other words, it’s got a little something for everyone regardless of which part of Disney you most connect to.

The next loop is fantastic for background music, or late night sci-fi vibes. It’s the Tomorrowland Area Music Loop! This was uploaded by YouTube user WDWFacts, and it is excellent.

It varies pretty wildly from esoteric and atmospheric to…funky synthesizer? Sure, why not! My personal favorite section kicks in around the 13:20 mark. Enjoy!


One more before we go, and it’s a doozy. Here we have maybe my favorite loop overall from the Magic Kingdom park – the Adventureland Loop!  

Dear reader, I struggle with the winter weather of my chosen home, Northeast Ohio. The lack of sun is a killer, and when everything ices over it’s a miserable experience simply driving to and from work. But I’ll say this: no matter what mood I’m in, I pop this thing on, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to be in a bad mood. All the music is by a group called the Balafon Marimba Ensemble, and it is fantastic. Learn more about them by clicking on this link. Thanks go to YouTube user Disney Theme Park Audio for uploading this for all to enjoy.

I hope these loops help you chill out during a stressful day, get your Disney Park vibes on or help make a decent day even better.


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