Add More Mouse To Your Holiday Season: Advent Calendars!

While we here at Add More Mouse do not advocate for any particular religious beliefs or celebrations, our household celebrates Christmas. Over the past decade it has become a month-long calendar of traditions for us. We visit certain spots for Christmas light viewing, for ice skating (and an annual Christmas hamstring injury), tree festivals, ornament shopping and Santa hangouts.  

In the world of Disney, Christmas celebrations have been integral since the beginning – in fact, Christmas decorations and celebrations have been a fixture of the Disney parks since 1955, the very first year of Disneyland’s existence and the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade has been broadcast on national television every year since 1983.  

(For a fantastic history of Disneyland’s first Christmas, check out this post from the Disney History Institute!)

So what we’re saying is, Christmas and The Mouse go together like eggnog and…whatever eggnog is supposed to be paired with.

One of the holiday traditions I’ve loved since I was a kid has been keeping an Advent Calendar beginning on December 1st.  As an avid Disney freak and a lover of all things Christmas, there is a lot for me to be excited about this year – Disney makes an array of Advent Calendars featuring some pretty great stuff you can collect yourself or share with your kids (and steal back from them when they lose interest, a time-honored parental tradition).  We at Add More Mouse only own one of the following, but if I was allowed to have 15 Advent Calendars hanging from the walls of AMM headquarters, these are the ones for me (but by no means the only ones out there).

Disney Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar

I’m starting off with my favorite: the Plush Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar!

Do you know what a Tsum Tsum is?  Pronounced “soom soom,” they’re stacking toys originally from Japan (their name roughly translates to “stack stack”).  They do two things: 1) they do indeed stack, and 2) they appeal to kids (and me) because they’re super squashy versions of Disney and Pixar characters.  They come in 2 styles: plush and plastic. As a bonus, they’re both well-made and relatively inexpensive to collect. The calendar pictured above is of the plush variety, though they do make a much less expensive one with the plastic figures as well that looks plenty fun (click here to see that one).

Since you’ll be getting 25 stuffed Tsum Tsums with this Advent Calendar, it’s the most expensive one on this list, especially since they seem to have sold out everywhere, so if you want one you’ll have to pay top dollar for it.  Still, if I had the cash this is the one for me. If you feel like gifting one to me, please email me for shipping info.

Disney Socks Advent Calendars

I think one of the reasons why people dig Disney so much is because the iconography is so rich. Not only are the legacy characters like Mickey and Donald embedded into the very fiber of American pop culture for most kids of the world, but now that Marvel, the Muppets and Star Wars all fall under the Disney umbrella, they’ve basically cornered the market on 90% of the entertainment that people like me consumed as kids and still enjoy. Because of the immensity of Disney’s stable of characters now, people can zero in on the ones they feel represent them. One of my favorite things to see at the Disney parks is what characters people choose to wear. Sure, anyone can wear a Mickey shirt, but it takes a certain kind of person to rock some Ursula or Quasimodo gear.

I work in an office and wear business attire most days, so I’ve come to acquire a sock collection that adds some life to my wardrobe.  I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I get such a kick out of dressing for a meeting and including a pair of Darth Vader socks with a suit and tie.  I think I dig this for two reasons: 1) I love Star Wars, that’s a given, and 2) When I think of Star Wars, I think of all the time I spent with my dad and friends throughout my life enjoying those films and toys together.  A simple Darth Vader face on my socks can trigger one of a million thoughts that make my day go by faster. I think a love of pop culture can say more than just “I like a certain film”. By expressing your appreciation for a given character or storyline you’re telling the world about something that resonates with you.  (I currently own as many thrash metal shirts as I do Disney ones, so if you figure that one out please let me know).

ANYWAY – We are featuring advent calendars with 12 pairs of socks throughout the month of December!  For 2018 they come in a few different styles: Mickey’s 90th Birthday Celebration (technically for women), Princesses (also labeled as for women), Marvel (for men and women), Star Wars (for men and women).  Go get some socks and wear them to work so I’m not the only weirdo doing it please.

Star Wars Lego Advent

When I was a kid, Legos were one of my all-time favorite toys. I had a gigantic bucket that would get dumped out once a week and ruin my parents’ feet for days.  Back then, Lego didn’t have licensing deals with anyone, so when I wanted to make a Lego X-wing fighter I had to cobble one together as best I could, and it took an entire day.

Nowadays Lego has gone all in on nostalgia and licensed everything from Ghostbusters and Back to the Future to Harry Potter and Ninja Turtles. I believe Star Wars may have been their first licensed line, and I like to take a nice leisurely stroll through the Lego aisle at Target and plan for my kids’ eventual collection.

So this is an Advent Calendar with Lego Star Wars figures for each day of the month.  They look extra cool because they’re pretty minimal in design. I would like one. Maybe next year.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Advent Calendar

This is a great option if you have kids who like Frozen (that was a joke, all kids love Frozen – all of them).  Throughout the month of December you can unlock an entire plastic Frozen playset, which curiously involves eight different Olaf’s hanging out together…so I guess be prepared to make up a story to explain that one.  Maybe he learned to clone himself? Did Elsa make him a bunch of twin brothers for company? 

Incredibles 2 Advent Calendar

And lastly, just in time for the home video release of Incredibles 2 comes an Advent Calendar featuring the whole fam (strangely, Jack-Jack isn’t pictured on the front though it seems like his face is plastered on the actual candy).  Oh yeah, that’s right – this thing is full of candy, and pretty affordable as well (usually under $7). Warning: your kid will not understand why you can’t just open all the days at once and get all the candy.  I mean, technically you can, so do whatever you want! Eat all that candy on December 1st if you feel like it!

The countdown to the winter holidays is on. We hope you’ll keep sharing it with Add More Mouse this year.  See ya real soon!


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